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There are once in a lifetime women who enrich your life and teach you how to adjust your crown! I worked on set with Terra Jackson, better know as Queen, and we formed an instant sisterhood! I will forever be grateful for her wisdom, guidance and friendship. I salute you queen! Check out the blog feature she wrote about BellaDonnaPrimaDonna.

CEO's Terra Jackson & DaVonna May

On November 14th, 2015 right here in Dallas, Texas I had the privilege to meet DaVonna May, CEO of "BellaDonnaPrimaDonna" for my "Small Business Photoshoot Collab." DaVonna traveled in from North Carolina which led me to believe DaVonna surely believed in her business let alone she was walking in her purpose.

CEO of BellaDonnaPrimaDonna

DaVonna's spirit and character captured the attention of every lady on the scene along with our photographer Presley Sheffield from "Natural State Images." I had such a wonderful day capturing her vision let alone building for future opportunities.


We spoke about everything from business to life. I believe you will see DaVonna all over the globe selling her accessories which I might say are very unique and absolutely adorable.

When "Girl Bosses Unite" we are a force to be reckon with. If you're looking for a rare piece check out BellaDonnaPrimaDonna.


Davonna May CEO of BellaDonnaPrimaDonna

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